hank at five months.

IMG_9500dear hank,

seriously, could you be any happier?!?!

you’ve made these past five months complete joy. sure, there are days that we are tired and a little stressed but with just one flash of your ridiculous smile you remind us that is all worth it.

you wake up with a smile every day and carry it right through the day. you love to play and watch your sister and practically burst with excitement when she pays the smallest amount of attention to you. really, any attention makes you burst into smiles and giggles.

this month you have played with all of your cousins, met lots of family, jumped right into summer and spent lots of time at the lake. you love the water! but if we were to say that you love one thing most, besides smiling, we would say it’s eating. you eat bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, avocado and really anything that you can get your tiny little hands on. you make a complete mess when you eat and seem to love every minute of it. you’ve also learned to jump and wiggle yourself across the floor. we predict that you are going to be a fast one!

every day with you is a new, fun and silly adventure. we love you to the moon and back little one.

love, mom, dad & eloise

hank at four months.

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dear hank,

wow. this is going fast.

in just four short months you’ve changes so much. you’ve doubled in size, you’ve grown into a little goofball, you wake up with a smile every morning.

baths are still a favorite of yours. but women strangers that you can flash your smile at are a close second. this month you’ve discovered your little squeal of a laugh and love to burst out with it when you play with your bunny or watch your sister twirl around the house. aside from a few days of illness, you are a very happy, very sweet and mellow little guy. you just sit back and seem to take it all in. which in our house, is a lot to take in.

it doesn’t even seem possible that days ever existed without you. you’ve totally completed our family. we love you to the moon and back little one.

love, mom, dad & eloise

hank at three months.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset dear hank,

i am going to get cliche on you and say “these are the fastest three months of my life”. because it’s the truth. it most likely feels that way because you make everything feel easy. you just tag along with us wherever we go, occasionally remind us that you need some attention and just go with the flow.

i’ve probably jinxed us and now you are going to turn into a doozy… it’s okay. we are due for a little “crazy baby”.

but seriously, you wake up each morning with a smile on your face. you light up when your sister pays attention to you {which isn’t very often} and you love it when we remember to give you a bath. you are quickly growing into hank the tank and would much rather figure out how to stand up than lay on a boring play mat. you constantly have us saying that we just can’t wait to see what your little personality grows into.

you are a flirt, you are sweet and you are a solid little man. we love you to the moon and back little one. love, mom, dad & eloise

a new kind of beautiful.

vscocam-photo-1 (8)

i try to start each saturday morning with a run. that may sound super healthy of me but the reality is i like the thirty minutes to myself to blast dirty rap music and be completely free of children and husband. it’s blissful. it would probably be equally as blissful to just hide in a closet for the same amount of time {so long as that closet offers complete silence and wine} but i like to think that my “runs” are putting my bum back where it was pre-children too. kill two birds, ya know?

on yesterday’s 8am run i was thinking of all that we had already accomplished that morning. change two kids. feed said kids. start laundry. dishes. high-five the husband. chug three cups of coffee. clean up the dog poop off the playroom floor {because, again, we forgot to let said dog out before bed. poor first born.}. make a plan for the day. all before 8am. i was also thinking of how i pathetically fell asleep, remote in hand, full glass of wine on my bedside table before 9pm the evening before. this is my life.

husband passed out in our daughter’s room at 8pm and me wasting a full glass of wine and drooling on myself before 9pm. totally glamorous. wasting wine! so real life.

the thought of how ridiculously pathetic we are got me laughing and thinking that the little corner of the internet that i’ve occupied for the past five plus years is cute and all but could really serve a better purpose showcasing our real life. the tantrums. the sometimes dressed children. the stories about poop. the admissions of wasted glasses of wine. the real-life glimpse of two people trying to do their best at raising two kids and not killing each other. all before 9pm.

so here it goes. a new attempt to better capture and share our “beautiful” life as a family. bare with us.