on school.


“mom, when i take the school bus don’t be sad be happy. because i take the school bus to school. don’t drive me.”

-eloise’s thoughts on going to kindergarten

way to rip my heart out 3 years early kiddo.

hank at seven months.

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dear hank,

another month bigger. another month stronger. another month happier.

life with you is seriously fun. messy, rather exhausting and sometimes smelly but seriously – so fun.

you survived a whirlwind month with us as we packed up our first family home and moved to your dad’s hometown where we hope to give you and eloise an awesome little life. we are still in transition as we wait to close on our new home and it hasn’t been easy. but every time we get stressed or grumpy you turn on the charm with your big goofy grin and make us pause to smile too. or you toot, since you do that quite often, and break up the tension with a good laugh.

you seem to grow daily. you love to eat and get stronger each day. we are pretty convinced that you are going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. you seem pretty convinced of that too…

your sister loves how you can “play” and “talk” with her now. your favorite games to play with her are “pull her hair” and “steal her binkie”. you love to copy her sounds, especially her laugh, and are happiest when you have the attention of her or your cousins.

this month you rounded out summer in style. with a trip to martha’s vineyard, cape cod and lots of time on the lake you’ve really made being homeless seem glamorous. you’ve tried so many new foods and even took full advantage of two all you can eat pancake breakfasts.

you continue to spend your days happy and smiling and we are so thankful for that. we hope that is a quality that you keep forever. we love you to the moon and back little one.

love, mom, dad & eloise

hank at six months.

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dear hank,

six months. half a year. that seriously doesn’t feel possible. you really have proven that time can fly.

it feels like each week you double in size. that could be mostly due to your favorite activity – eating. you eat everything and anything that you can get your hands on. fruit, vegetables, meatballs, cereal and even the occasional snack that your sister tosses your way. you have quite the mature appetite for a little guy.

this month you have visited the ocean, attempted to crawl, sprouted your first two teeth and mastered jumping in your bouncer. on your trip to the ocean you fell in love with the water and swam like a little fish in the pool and splashed in the waves at the beach. it’s so much fun to introduce you to knew things.

you continue to spend your days with a huge smile on your face. you are one happy dude. we love you to the moon and back little one.

love, mom, dad & eloise

hank at five months.

IMG_9500dear hank,

seriously, could you be any happier?!?!

you’ve made these past five months complete joy. sure, there are days that we are tired and a little stressed but with just one flash of your ridiculous smile you remind us that is all worth it.

you wake up with a smile every day and carry it right through the day. you love to play and watch your sister and practically burst with excitement when she pays the smallest amount of attention to you. really, any attention makes you burst into smiles and giggles.

this month you have played with all of your cousins, met lots of family, jumped right into summer and spent lots of time at the lake. you love the water! but if we were to say that you love one thing most, besides smiling, we would say it’s eating. you eat bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, avocado and really anything that you can get your tiny little hands on. you make a complete mess when you eat and seem to love every minute of it. you’ve also learned to jump and wiggle yourself across the floor. we predict that you are going to be a fast one!

every day with you is a new, fun and silly adventure. we love you to the moon and back little one.

love, mom, dad & eloise

hank at four months.

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dear hank,

wow. this is going fast.

in just four short months you’ve changes so much. you’ve doubled in size, you’ve grown into a little goofball, you wake up with a smile every morning.

baths are still a favorite of yours. but women strangers that you can flash your smile at are a close second. this month you’ve discovered your little squeal of a laugh and love to burst out with it when you play with your bunny or watch your sister twirl around the house. aside from a few days of illness, you are a very happy, very sweet and mellow little guy. you just sit back and seem to take it all in. which in our house, is a lot to take in.

it doesn’t even seem possible that days ever existed without you. you’ve totally completed our family. we love you to the moon and back little one.

love, mom, dad & eloise